Friday, May 31, 2013

4th grade music program: Let's Go On A Safari

Since our computer has been broken and the new one came in last night (joy of joys) I am trying to catch up on blogging. So much has happened in the almost 3 weeks that we have been unable to access anything other than a mobile site on a 3 inch screen!

A few weeks ago, my oldest son had his final elementary school program...Let's Go On A Safari. I must say, we could not be more proud of him. He practiced his speaking part, he practiced his xylophone part, he practiced his recorder part. He was incredibly proud of himself. The has come so far in his time at Polk Elementary. I continue to hope that he can overcome anything Autism throws his way in intermediate school in the Fall. 

The PTO members created a jungle themed stage and the children wore white shirts and khakis. The program was perfect!

Caleb was so excited to show off his skills...

He loves his friend, Macy. 

He loves his grandparents.

He loves his Reading teacher.

He was proud of himself. 

We were a proud family.

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