Thursday, May 30, 2013

Football party centerpieces

Our computer has crashed, which is a major bummer since we are at the end of the school year and I am prepping for parties galore. I totally miss my laptop, but thank goodness we have a tablet. 

So since Jansen's birthday is next week, and things are so crazy at their school, I am spending today creating party decorations for both the school and my almost 8 year old. 

Today is centerpiece time. A couple of weeks ago, I created the picks from cardstock and skewers. I hot glued some styrofoam to the inside of some dollar store blue buckets and stuck the personalized picks in them. I added some filler and these are done. 

We only have 3 round tables so these will go on top of red tablecloths at Jansen's party. So easy and right now, I need easy decorations for parties. 5 more parties until SUMMER!!!!!

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  1. how did you do the printout what template did you use?