Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day #2

Tuesday morning, I worked the Mother's Day Shop at our school. It was really cute, I must admit. The shop had little cases filled with various items that were labeled with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and several little trinkets for the kids themselves. 

Jansen came home with a really long list of things, and when he arrived to shop, I asked my friend Crystal if she would help him, you case he picked something out for me for Mother's Day. I wanted to act surprised. So while I was checking the kids out at the register, Jansen came up with an arm full of purchases. I rang him up....and this kid spent $35 and bought his brother a flashlight (because he told him he knows he was scared of the dark and it was LED so it didn't need batteries lol), his Dad a #1 Dad baseball, his Pops a #1 Grandpa golfball and tee set, himself a camping latern/radio combo, and a couple of plush toys. Did he buy his mother or even his Nana anything at the MOTHER'S DAY SHOP??? Nope. Oh that kid. 

Anyway, today one of the moms set up a little area in the workroom for the teachers....

Just a little something to say we care! So cute. :)

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