Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Class results

We take a brief break from Teacher Appreciation Week to report on my final and final grade for this semester of college....

I took my final yesterday and while I don't know what my scored on it, my final grade was posted. I GOT AN "A"!!!!!!

Yay! And even better than that?! My professor is going to write me a recommendation for nursing school next Spring. Happy dance of joy! She has a lot of pull for the program so that is very positive and encouraging. 

I feel a great amount of relief. Now I can focus on the last few weeks of my boys' school. These are my last few weeks of the PTO Presidency. These are Caleb's last few weeks in elementary school. I am ready to enjoy the crazy madness of the end of the school year. Can't wait to have my boys home until I go back to school July 11th. 


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