Saturday, October 5, 2013

30th birthday afternoon

My very good friend, Crystal's 30th birthday was last week. With all of us having kids, crazy schedules, jobs, school etc, we were finally able to carve out an afternoon to spend together to celebrate...just us ladies!

We found a place a little over an hour away called the Palladium that seemed like a one stop shop for fun. 

They had a pretty extensive food area with sushi, Tex Mex, souvlaki, gyros, pizza, and almost anything else you could want. There was a bar with a bowling alley, a place for snacks, a gelato bar with truffles and desserts, a movie theater, and an adults only area on the second floor. 

It is lovely to be able to have time just for adults. When you spend so much time arranging for babysitters, the last thing you want is to have to deal with other people's kids at the place where you are celebrating. 

The second floor had a bar, a lounge area, and adults gaming area, tons of big screen TV's, movie theaters just for us, and a bistro. 

We enjoyed having lunch, 

seeing a movie, 

eating some cake, and just spending time together celebrating our friend's birthday. 

I would love to come back with my husband for a football game day! He would really enjoy it. 

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