Saturday, October 19, 2013

Super Mario Jack-o-lantern....and some Angry Birds

The kids really wanted to create a variety of pumpkins this year and settled on a Mario carving, and some Angry birds pumpkins. It took us two separate days, but it was totally worth it!

Thankfully, the weather here this week has been beautiful. We finally got a cool front which dropped the temperature down below 90 degrees! That's Fall y'all!!!

So we set up the first day with two pumpkins and two boxes of Angry Birds decorations. These were really cool. It was like creating a Mr. Potato Head!! Problem...they don't push in without a pilot hole!

The kids told me where to poke and I created little pilot holes for each of the characters features. They ended up like this...

A King Pig for Caleb and a Red Bird for Jansen. 

The next day we set up outside to try our hand at carving. I found a Mario face template online, but unfortunately it didn't fit. So I free handed it on the pumpkin with the template on the ground beside it. 

The kids scraped, scooped and EW-ed for almost 30 minutes trying to clean everything out of the inside. And then I sat there for almost an hour and a half with a steak knife and began carving while the kids ran around outside. 

I was so disappointed with the results. It was one of those epic fail moments you feel when you spend so much time on something and it just doesn't work out. I was cursing that stupid pumpkin under my breath. 

We cleaned up and headed into the house and I thought, what the heck. Put a candle in it and see how it looks. I lit the candle, turned off the light, and screamed like a 5 year old. 

I DID IT!!! I looked perfect! I was so happy, and I thought Caleb was going to come out of his skin. He was blissful!!! 

It won't last many days, but the days it will...oh boy! 

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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