Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mama needs a new costume!

Every year, our subdivision shuts down, and people come from all over the city to Trick or Treat in our area. There are hay rides, golf carts, hot dogs, games, etc and everyone just has a blast. 

My friend, Carmela brings her husband and kids over to Trick or Treat with us and we take turns each year handing out candy. It's the husbands' year to stay behind and pass out candy, and the wives' turn to take the kiddos. The plan is, to decorate our car Trunk or Treat style, and load it with candy for the kids, order twenty or thirty 50 cent corndogs from Sonic, and hit the road. I wanted to dress up a bit without really dressing up and found the perfect idea. 

This morning I hit up Hobby Lobby and purchased a $4 black T-shirt, some yellow sequined iron-on letters, and a headband with bee antenna. Here are the goods:

Two minutes later, this is what I have:

I am going to be Trick or Treating as Bea "bee" Arthur!!! Get it?! Hardy har har!!! It's a win-win. I love me some Golden Girls, and this was so quick, easy, and not too costume-y. LOVE!

Basically, all I have been doing is studying for this class and stressing about this class. My day so far as been full of errands, and I must made me feel so good. I browsed through Kohls and Target looking for a new hoodie for Jansen and some pajamas for Pajama Day next week at his school. Thankfully, there was one Shaun White hoodie left and it was on sale for $9, and they had pajama sets on sale for $10! SUPER LOVE!!! I stayed at Hobby Lobby just browsing and taking in all the cute holiday items. After I had been there almost an HOUR, I left there with my goodies feeling so relaxed and revived and ready to craft at home. When I am stressed, I need to craft, or paint, or write, or just do something creative. It's a great day!

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