Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to school supplies

Even though I just got out of school two days ago, my boys and I are looking at the Fall semester right in the face. 

We spent some time on Friday going through both of the school lists and making sure that each child had all their supplies ready. 

This year, my oldest, Caleb will be in the 6th grade and year #2 at Clute Intermediate. GO COUGARS! This will be his first year in band playing the trombone so he needed a few extra supplies for that as well. 

My youngest, Jansen will be in the 4th grade at Polk Elementary. GO PANDAS! His final year! His school supply list was pretty lengthy but I think we got it all. 

This year seems a bit bittersweet to me because it is Jansen's final year at Polk, and it is the end of an era. We have had a child there since 2007! I have been the Vice President of the PTO for 2 years and the President for 2 years, and now I am done. It is a bit sad that Jansen's last year, I will be fully submerged into nursing school and won't have as much time to volunteer, or be at parties, etc. 

He seems ok with it. Hopefully. 

One more week to go until the 2014-2015 school year officially begins. Where does the time go?

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