Monday, August 18, 2014

My little 4 eyed brace face...

Our oldest, Caleb, is in intermediate school and this has definitely been the year of the pre-teen for him. 

In March, he got glasses. He picked out some really nice ones, although they weren't what I would have picked, but I digress...

And today, he got his braces!

He was so excited. 

But he also got a palate expander, which he is not getting along with. 

His teeth are just a bit sore, and he is getting used to having some extra saliva and talking a bit funny for the time being....but tonight's dinner was not fun.

He wanted Chick-fil-A, which I told him wouldn't be easy to eat...Well he got home and kept getting food stuck in it, and was having problems swallowing. 

After reassuring him it would take practice like 100 times, and after he cried, "I'll never eat again!" we went to the store and stocked up on ice cream, popsicles, puddings in various flavors, and jello. I told him for the next few days he could have whatever of those things he wanted, as often as he wanted. 

It's a Christmas miracle...the kid is happy. 

This will be an adventure in responsibility for the next two years...but he is so dang cute in those braces. In 3-6 months he will get the bottom ones and hopefully around his birthday, he will get the expander off. That will be a blessing!!!!

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