Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quick weekend getaway with my boys

My husband was going to be at a bachelor party this weekend and it was the final weekend of the summer, so I decided to take my kids to College Station for a little overnight trip. 

This will probably be the last free weekend I have in quite a long time since Monday not only starts a new school year for the boys, but another semester of Nursing school as well. 

So Friday morning, we woke up, grabbed breakfast and hit the road. By 11:30 am, we were in Freebirds in College Station enjoying some lunch.

Next we headed to campus. 

Jansen wanted to see the vet school
and I wanted to see the progress on the construction of Kyle Field.
With everyone moving into dorms and apartments this week, I thought it would be packed for sure. But we drove right into the parking garage and found a first floor spot. 

We headed into the Memorial Student Center and I talked to the boys about why this building was created. It was built to honor all the fallen Aggies that have represented their country in various wars. It is for that reason that everyone is to "uncover" by removing their hats, and are not allowed to walk on the grass. 

The kids were interested in some of the history, but really just wanted to go shopping for some new Aggie gear. I couldn't blame them. 

This almost came home with us. 

Instead they got some stuffed animals, pennants, hats, t shirts, and sunglasses. We could have bought so much more!!!

We walked a bit of the campus while the kids asked questions. 

We watched as they lowered a statue by crane into its new home in the front of the newly constructed/renovated Kyle Field. 

When it is finished, it is going to be beautiful and amazing. I had to come to terms with the changes going on at campus. You know how things are seared into your mind, exactly as they were when you experienced it? I remember the campus "just so" and when I left there 13 years ago, spending 3 significant years of my life there, I wanted to keep that nostalgia. But, times are changing. The campus is growing. Things can't always stay the same. 

I found myself saying, "When I went to school here, there was a totally different MSC building." and "Oh look at that...that is new!" and "My senior year, all of my classes were in G Rollie White and Reed, which they demolished to expand Kyle Field" and "Oh they tore down those dorms and replaced them with apartments".

Everything was so different yet very much the same. 

We went to the George Bush Library and Museum and watched a bio on George Herbert Walker Bush and his family. The boys were interested the see all the exhibits, and I must admit, I was pretty interested too. 

And, might I introduce you to the future President of the United States....

Caleb is a big collector of bottle caps, so I thought he might enjoy seeing Bottle Cap Alley at Northgate. He loved it...and took some for his collection. 

By the way, can you see my Aggie Ring mixed in with all the caps????

We also saw this there...Kids, don't do drugs...

Then we went to dinner and ate the famous Double Daves Pizza Rolls, walked the mall for a bit, and came back to the hotel to do some evening swimming. By that time it had cooled down to a balmy 98 degrees. 

Caleb fell asleep quite early, and Jansen and I stayed awake to watch a special on surviving natural disasters. He was glued to the tv. It was so funny to listen to all his perspectives on things, his reactions to volcanoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, and to just stay up and chat. I finally had to tell him that I couldn't stay awake anymore and I had to go to sleep!

So this morning, we had brunch at McDonalds and then headed to go bowling. 

It was an experience. 

We had a good time and then spent a bit of time playing a few arcade games. 

Then I stopped into one of my favorite resell shops and found two pairs of shorts for Jansen for a total of $7! Happy Mommy!! And we filled up with gasoline, and headed out for the 2 hour drive home. The kids were sad to leave and so was I. It was comforting to be back in the city where I grew so much. To spend years 18-21 there was amazing, frustrating, horrible, wonderful, and memorable. 

I  honestly can't wait to go back! Gig 'Em!!!!!!

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