Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin decorating

Pumpkin decorating 2014 was fun. The boys were very clear on what they wanted to do for each of their pumpkins.

Caleb is in a hard core Pokémon phase, so his plan was to cover his pumpkin in hand made drawings of his favorite characters.

Jansen wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog profile and just HAD to cut it out.


I couldn't decide if I wanted to do an Aggie one or a Texans one. Since I am an Aggie fan on Saturdays and a Texans fan on Sunday, I made two

And in true Amber fashion, they had to be blingy.

We are definitely getting ready for Halloween in this house. Even though it is still pretty hot here in South Texas, I am feeling the Fall. Oh yes, I am feeling the Fall.

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