Saturday, October 25, 2014

Red Ribbon Week-Final Elementary School Edition

Oh boy! The final elementary school year Red Ribbon Week for the Powell family has come to a close. My youngest, Jansen is in his final year at our local elementary school and will be headed to intermediate school next year.

Ugh, I cannot believe that they are growing so fast. I am begging for my school time to fly by and theirs to slow down. Can't have it both ways.

So, Jansen's Red Ribbon Week was as follows:

Monday: Team up against Drugs day

and they had a school rally that day as well....

Tuesday: Sock it to drugs

Wednesday: Shade out drugs (wear neon and sunglasses)

Thursday: Put drugs to sleep (although this was the day of his dress rehearsal for his school program, so he went to school in his western wear and then changed into his pj's)

Friday: Camo drugs

He's such a cute kid...I just love him so!

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