Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our first cruise ALONE!!!! Cruise #10

Well, about a month after returning from our cruise, I am just getting around to blogging about it. 

What a trip!

This cruise was a free cruise, awarded to us because of Josh's gambling. I know, I know...but it was cool. We had an interior room for the first time ever. It wasn't bad. But let me just say, if you are a first time cruiser, an interior room won't bother you. It's quite dark so you can sleep late, and it was basically the size of a small hotel room. I couldn't complain. 

But for me, because we have only been in balcony rooms, I really missed not having a balcony. Part of the fun for me is sitting on the balcony with my headphones and a book and relaxing while we cruise. I also love ripping the curtains open to see the newest port on arrival and watching all the people return as we depart. Also, the interior room seemed stagnant to me. I needed more air flow. But it was free and we didn't want to pay to upgrade. It was just the two of us and it was plenty big. 

We took the Florida Keys/Bahamas cruise on the Carnival Breeze, and might I say, it was my favorite ship. So incredibly beautiful!

It was weird but totally awesome to roll up in there, just the two of us, and be able to do whatever we wanted. I love cruising with my boys and we are always able to get plenty of both family time and alone time, but this was just awesome. We didn't argue once!

Josh and I like to do several things together. We eat together, go to the art auctions together, comedy shows together, shows together, and then he goes to gamble and I go shopping. Ideally I would have read a book on my balcony, but I didn't have that option. So I caught up on sleep. I needed it. 

We went to like 4 art auctions, bought some beautiful pieces, and made friends with the auctioneer and his fiance. We just clicked. They are from South Africa and will be joining us for one of our Texans games in the Fall. Everyone is excited about that. 

Josh in I spent one night eating in the steakhouse...

one night eating at the Italian restaurant...

The hubs took me into the jewelry store and told me to pick out what I a happy graduation, happy birthday, happy mother's day, happy anniversary, happy new job gift...all of which happened within two weeks of each other. So I got this. LOVE!

In the Keys, we took a Hop on Hop off Trolley tour. We got off the boat and just started walking. We visited stores, pubs, museums, and then hopped on the trolley to tour the area and learn more about it. While on the tour, we actually saw a boat of Cubans beach their boat, and race across the beach to land to their freedom. Our guide simply said, "Well that just happened right in front of us!" We ate conch fritters and drank key limeaides under the palm trees.

In Freeport, we did a perfume factory and brewery tour. It was great because it was a small group of all adults, we got time to shop and try out a variety of local beers. The only down side was that after being out at the market and getting back on the bus to go to the brewery, the air conditioner on the bus was out and we were baking for 15 minutes without a crack in a window. That sucked. But everything else was beautiful!

In Nassau, we went to Atlantis. Maybe I am cranky about it, but I was not impressed. Well, let me just say, I was impressed. The resort was gorgeous. But, it was something that we would have enjoyed so much more if we would have been staying at the resort for a few days. The beaches and water activities were divine! But we were ready to come back to the ship by the time the first shuttle came back. 

Honestly, once we leave the last port, I always start to detach myself from the cruise in prep for returning home. I don't know why, but I just do. 

It was 7 days of fun, 7 days of sun, 7 days alone with my husband, 7 days of so much food, 7 days of a much needed vacation. 

I can't wait to go again!

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