Friday, July 1, 2016

Our new home!

So we have moved and are settling in nicely. There are rooms that I would like to paint, gardens I would like to plant, and things I would like to decorate, but for the most part, we are good. 

Let me just say that purchasing this house was pretty smooth but selling our house was quite bumpy. It was just challenging because our buyers were first time buyers and their realtor was relatively new to the game so things were not as seemless as the purchase of our home. We were originally supposed to close on June 1st, and the day before all that fell through. There were crazy last minute negotiations, electricity was cut off, people decided not to close, then changed their was just a nail biter. My stomach was in knots and I never felt like I could breathe until I was lying in my bed in the new house. 

But it all worked out and we now live in a beautiful subdivision in our town called Northwood Estates. I love it here!!! Our neighbors have been so friendly, bringing us cookies and bread, helping us move, bringing care packages etc. It was the right decision for us. God was watching out for us in more ways than one. 

So here are a few photos of the new place. Nothing is 100% finished but we are so happy with it! I haven't taken photos of some of the rooms yet, so this is as good as it gets...

The living room: (and you can kind of see the kitchen)

The hallways: 

The dining room:

My office:

Our bedroom:

Caleb's bedroom:

Jansen's bedroom:

The boys' bathroom:

The half bath:

The game room: (this one will take the longest as we change it into a Texans room)

The pool area:

We are so happy with it. It has everything I could ask for...a three car garage with an extra slab for a 4th car or a camper, a huge space above the garage to make a game room or possibly an apartment for Caleb if he needs it, plenty of space, a corner lot, an open floorplan, it's a dream come true for us. We are abundantly blessed!  

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