Friday, July 1, 2016

The great Brazoria County Flood!

We moved into our new home on a Friday and we were unpacking all through the weekend. On Monday, the police came by issuing voluntary evacuations as they were sure we were going to flood. 

Well we stayed and it flooded, but thankfully it didn't get into the house...we didn't have flood insurance yet and we had just moved in!

Basically we were trapped in our house for 9 days. Our streets were flooded and were only open to residents with big trucks. Josh has a jacked up truck so he was able to make it out to work every day, but I wasn't because I have an Equinox. So the kids and I were stuck here. There were police officers at the front of our subdivision only letting in residents. Thankfully, we were able to meet a lot of our neighbors because people were out checking out all of the craziness. There were people kayaking through the streets, fishing off their was crazy!

On day #9, I was finally able to get out with my car. It felt amazing to just drive through the town. It wasn't the way we ever imagined our first two weeks would be in our new home but it was a blessing in disguise. Our neighbors are so friendly! I just know we are going to love living here. 


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