Thursday, August 6, 2009

As Lindsey would say, "$hit on that noise."

My college roommate and fellow NKOTB junkie and I finally committed to spending the ridiculous amount of money to get our butts on this cruise next May. Presale tickets for past cruisers went on sale two days ago and it was a nightmare. The site kept crashing, they suspended sales for a while, and all in all, it was madness and chaos. General sale was today beginning at 11 am. You would think that the travel agency would have learned from the presale, but no. That is not the case.

Like many other die hard NKOTB fans, just looking for the opportunity to sail away and "Get wet in 2010", Lindsey and I stayed on our computers for 9 and a half hours total trying to get on. Lindsey during the day and me in the evening. I completely understand that cruises sell out. We knew that it would be very difficult to get tickets. But what happened today is shameful for all that were involved.

For 9 hours straight, we received message after message: "Oops, this link appears to be broken." and "Server is busy, try again later." and my favorite: "this page doesn't exist". Well actually it does exist. There were countless times that Lindsey was able to get our names in and pick a cabin, only to be booted off the system. 5 easy steps, that's all it takes to book this trip. Step by Step, right?

Wrong. Lindsey got to step 4 (I could give you more...) inputting our credit card information and click to confirm. We were in! Nope, wrong again...all you need is to click to confirm. Actually what happens when you click to confirm is that you are booted off the system again to one of the aforementioned messages. What is worse is that there were tons of women that never showed confirmation numbers or reservations and yet their credit cards were charged! Ludicris!

Obviously, this is not the work of NKOTB. But seriously...there are thousands upon thousands of die hard, crazy, fanatical women out there that would give one of their children away to get on this cruise. There has got to be a better system. Did you not know that NKOTB has a following like the freakin Beatles? Did you not know that we will sleep outside a venue to get tickets? How can you not be prepared for this?

And what really kills me is the thought of the tiniest possibility of a cruise is 2011. So peep this make it onto the cruise in 2009. You are a past cruiser, so you get first dibs on 2010 and dammit, what do you know? You got tickets again. And hey, you wanna go again in 2011, and you get first dibs again and now you have seen them 3 times. What the hell? There are people that have tried to get on this cruise twice now, who have never met NKOTB, and they can't get a ticket to save their life. I don't think this is the reason why it sold out...but it sure doesn't help others. Equal opportunity to receive the Full Service from Jordan is all I ask.

Everyone related to NKOTB is always a-Twitter....but tonight, not a Tweet heard, not even a Peep.

Peep-peep Donnie. I wanted to give you Twugs, but it was not in the cards for this die hard fan. 9 hours of diligence yielded no positive results. Not even because (to quote the great Dane Cook) I did my best. Something is wrong...that system was flawed. Thank God "Something's Gotta Give" was on TBS after the cruise sold out, otherwise I was headed to drown my sorrow in a huge tub of ice cream and Twix bars!

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