Monday, August 10, 2009


So now Lindsey and I are on the cruise waitlist. It is a chance at least, thank goodness. I got the tweet at just before midnight and within 5 minutes we were on the list. Our number...#2498. Good luck.

Josh and I took a weekend trip, minus the boys, to Houston. Josh had set everything up as a mystery date, which was really cool. We did all my favorite things while we were there. Lunch at Macaroni Grill, shopping at the Galleria, trying out new phones at T-Mobile, dinner, drinks, and fun at Dave and Busters, and in the morning after breakfast, we both sat in the hotel room and read the complete lazy silence. It was awesome!! Two thumbs up to the hubs for planning this short getaway for us. We were not even gone for 24 hours but it seemed like much longer!

Back to reality. Back to preparing for my last day of work, the kids' first day of school, meetings and soccer practices. The good thing is, I feel rejuvenated!

PS. Even though we do not have a confirmation on the cruise, and we are on the waitlist, Rose Tours could call us this week, next month, or two days before the cruise and I want to be ready. So I am going to be saving money and exercising to be prepared, just in case. And if we don't get on the boat...I will have a chunk of money and will be that is a bonus. Oh, and I need a passport. I'll wait for that until January I guess.

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