Monday, December 27, 2010

As 2010 comes to an end....

I reflect on our lives this past year. We have had a fantastic year. Even though Josh worked a lot, I think we still were able to spend a good deal of time together as a family. That is actually Josh's resolution for spend more time with me and with the kids.

Jansen started Kung Fu in January. In February, Caleb took a cooking class and an archery class. In March we took a family trip to Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas for Caleb's birthday. In April, Jansen took field trips in his final year of preschool. In May we found out Jansen had horrible allergies and asthma and ripped out all our carpet to be replaced with laminate. June saw us either at the library, the pool, or the Rec Center. July, Caleb broke his arm and we had to get really creative, but we still got to see the Circus. In August, Josh and I saw Kathy Griffin, we took the kids to the Astros, and my babies started Kinder and 2nd grade! Soccer season and piano began in September and my kids became Mario and Luigi for Halloween in October. November began with a "congratulations on your weight loss" trip to Cozumel for myself and Josh, and then was followed by my being in bed for the rest of the month after my Mommy Makeover surgery. December was very odd...trying to recover and feel "right" again, while getting ready for Christmas. This was the first year that I honestly did not feel the Christmas spirit at all. It was actually very sad. But I am sure that next year it will return again.


My goals for next year, having reached most of them this year, are more financial.

I want to build our emergency savings back up, since we reduced it by half when Caleb broke his arm.

We never paid off our last credit card this year, and actually gained one more I would LOVE to have both of those paid off.

And on a personal level, I want to start running. More specifically, I just want to be able to run anywhere from 1-5 miles non stop. That can't be that hard, right???

We have had a blast this year, but I feel like we over extended ourselves. Half of me thinks, we can't take money with us. And the other half thinks we are in a recession and we need to have savings galore. I want to meet somewhere in the middle, do my best, and have fun with the family.

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