Sunday, December 12, 2010

Free mini-wreaths and wrapping party

Friday, I was invited to my friend, Jennie's 5th annual Christmas wrapping party. First, let me tell you something about Jennie. She has a gift. She loves to throw parties of all kinds and they don't disappoint. She is the most creative person, which is not surprising, because she comes from a super creative family. Everyone either paints, writes, bakes, etc. You name it, and they can do it!

Anyway, Jennie hosts this party...tons of food, a chocolate fountain, baskets of Christmas balls, ribbon, fabric strips, garland, wrapping paper, tags. She supplied it all. We just showed up with an empty tummy and a handful of gifts, and got to wrapping. I only had 4 more presents to wrap..and now that they are under the tree, I feel sorry for all the previous presents.

I just don't think that much about the outside of the present. Each present gets wrapping paper, a bow, and if you are lucky, a tag. But these are so beautiful...I don't want to give them away now, because my tree will go from feeling like a Glamazon to a red-headed-step-child. I am sorry in advance beautiful tree.

On another note....ugh. When I wrap presents, no matter how well I try to measure things out, I always have these little strips left. I hate to throw these away but I never wrap something the size of a mosquito....

So I decided to make a wrapping paper scrap mini wreath for Caleb's tree.

Now that I made it, Jansen is begging for one. I found out that an old scratched CD makes the perfect template for this. I just made it exactly like I did my book wreath a couple months back...little strips, hot glue and ribbon. Baby steps back into crafting...and it was my favorite price....FREE.


  1. Really sweet wreath...such a good idea. Terry

  2. What a great idea! Now I know what to do with all those old aol cd's I got years ago! hehe