Monday, December 20, 2010

Sickness go away!!!

This winter season has been exceptionally sickly this year. I just don't understand what is happening. It seems like as soon as Halloween is over, my kids start coughing. And then we go through, "how long do I treat this with over the counter meds before we go to the doctor?"

Well, Caleb suddenly spiked a fever on a Saturday two weeks ago, so the three of us rushed to Urgent Care. He had a URI, and got some meds and was told he would be fine in a few days. He was fever free the next day, but still has a really yucky cough.

So the following Thursday, Jansen gets the same thing. More antibiotics and he will be fine in a few days. He had to miss his Christmas party at school and was totally bummed. But he is on the mend now, slowly getting his appetite back and fighting just the occasionaly cough.

Overnight, I got hella-sick. I got into the doctor this morning and was told that I am wheezing and it sounds like I have more fluid in my right lung than the left. So he sent me to get a chest xray. I left there with a shot, three meds, and a puffer, hacking and coughing, and killing my poor stomach, which is still very sore from my tummy tuck 5 weeks ago. Looks like OVERNIGHT I developed Sinusitis, a URI, an ear infection, and bronchitis. I feel like poop!!! Needless to say....this will be an uneventful week in our house as we all struggle to get better. We just pray Josh doesn't get it.

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