Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas time is near.....

It has finally been cold here for about 3 days now, which seems to be a record for south Texas. We have our tree up, the mantle decorated, a few presents under the tree, and our lights up outside. My husband is very electronically inclined, but has traditionally not loved to put up lights outside. However, last year he figured out how to time lights with music, and it was on like Donkey Kong. Each year now, he adds a little to it, and this year, I am totally loving the outdoor decor. He did a fantastic job...so I took a little video of it...(it is a little difficult to hear the music, but it is there) We did have to purchase a new tree this year...I didn't pick it out, my husband did. He said he wanted a skinny tree. It's growing on me. When it comes to the holidays, I am of the "bigger is better" school of thought, but this probably works better for our space.

Up next, holiday baking!!!! My fave!


  1. :) I am so hoping that you post the recipe for peanut butter fudge. I am baking tomorrow!! We got our tree up and one sad little package... LOL it was full and then we mailed all our presents!!!
    Your boys look so handsome (and they are getting so big!!!)

  2. My DH doesn't like lights outside either. His thought is that we don't get to enjoy them so why should we pay to light them. I am slowly working on him though.