Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet potato vine and stick trellis

The end of the month marks the end of our summer long science project....The Sweet Potato Vine Science Project. I know, totally original title. You're welcome :)

Here are our results....

The first 3 weeks....a whole lotta nuthin'

But the last few weeks it really started taking off...

It was difficult for the children to wait 8 full weeks to see the results, but each day they would wake up and run to the window to excitedly look at it's progress.

Now here is the fun part. We get to plant it and watch it grow even more.

If you are going to plant a vine type plant, you have to have a trellis, right? Well, my friends. With school coming up, our vacation, football tickets, and truck savings and such....I have $1.96 in my account. No lie.

So here is what we did. I found this container and river rocks that we weren't using.
I coated the container with some leftover green paint and let it dry for a couple of days.
While it dried, the boys and I made the chopstick trellis using a little bit of hot glue.
When everything was ready, the boys planted it with a little river rock at the bottom and more at the top for decoration.
We stuck the trellis in and it now sits outside on our bistro table.


  1. Superb idea. I planted a few cucumber plants in pots, since my balcony is all that I have for gardening. Planting in pots is OK but cucumber plants need trellis. I used a twig to support it. Had I seen this post earlier, I would have used this idea. May be next summer!!

    The plant look beautiful in that pot with the trellis.


  2. I have never seen this before! Thanks for sharing. Now google following you, Karima x www.karimascrafts.com