Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friendly reminder

Our house is the 2nd street from our school. I can stand at the corner of our street and watch the boys literally walk into the school.

But now that they are 8 and 6, it is time that I stop hovering so much and trust them to be a little independent with somethings. (Although I still won't let them pour their own milk because 3/4 of the gallon will end up of the floor guaranteed.)

So this year, my boys are walking to and from school. Walking to school, it would just be them...all the way to school. But coming come, they will be with a big group of walkers and a teacher to the first street and then walk the rest of the way together.

We have practiced the rules, taken the route several times, and I thought everything was ok, until yesterday, Jansen runs into the house after Caleb crying that Caleb was hitting him on the way home. Caleb's reason was, "I don't want him to walk with me."

After several minutes of explaining that brothers stick together and watch out for each other, and both the boys' eyes were glazing over...

I made this...
1. Go straight to school
2. Stop at each corner to LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing the street.
3. Do not talk to strangers!
4. Stay together!!

It is attached to the door to the garage. The door that they go out of to walk to school.

Simple. Visual. Read it everyday before leaving the house.

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