Monday, August 1, 2011

New truck...

After months of scouring the ads, looking online on Craigslist, and saving, we found a truck that looked like it had everything the hubs was looking for.

We got with our credit union today to get the ball rolling, and made some phone calls for a few trucks that caught the hub's eye on Craigslist. It's a good thing that no one called us back because I took a chance to look at our local Ford dealership. The first truck we saw looked too good to be true!

It was in our price range, had almost all the things Josh was looking for, and looked great. We made a quick phone call, loaded up and headed out for a test drive. Josh fell in love with it, but drove another truck just to make sure.

We discussed our plan while driving it and decided how much we wanted for our trade in and how much we were willing to pay. We were ready to drive a hard bargain.

So when we went in to discuss the price, I was nervous. Josh and I were fully prepared to walk out without a vehicle although it was obvious that Josh would have cried the whole way home. :) But seriously folks...this could not have gone easier. The dealership gave us more than we expected for our trade in, and came down to exactly what we had planned on paying in our minds. I have never had a car buying process go this smoothly. I was preparing for bluff, I call your bluff, wait maybe not, run around kind of day...but nada.

Josh drove it off the lot with a huge smile on his face and exactly what we were hoping to pay for.

So here it is...a 2008 Ford F-250 King Ranch Super Duty truck in Metallic Copper.....
We are hugely and abundantly blessed.

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  1. Aggie Maroon too. ;) Yay!! Awesome day for the family! :)