Sunday, August 7, 2011


This past week was VBS at a local church....Sports Themed. The children could choose from Dance, Cheerleading, Football, Basketball, or Soccer as their free activity of choice.

My boys chose football and basketball...which shocked me beyond belief. But they really had a great time. They both came home raving a
bout how they learned so much and had so much fun.

Only one tiny problem....Caleb came home with a completely swollen and red eye.

And here's the fun part. His communication skills are not as advanced as we need them to be so when asked, he couldn't tell me what happened.

Mom: "Did you get hit with a football or with someone's elbow or leg?"
Caleb: "Well, I think so, maybe."
Mom: "Do you think you got bit by something?"
Caleb: "Well, I think so, maybe?"
Mom: "Does it hurt, or itch?"
Caleb: "Well, I think so....both." and then..."Mom, coach told me my eye was hurting."
Mom: "I think you mean you told the coach your eye was hurting, right?"
Caleb: "Well, I think so, maybe."

So since that was completely useless, we headed straight for Urgent Care. Turns out, he had some kind of bite or sting...maybe by a spider. He had a puncture mark right under his lash line, but there was no stinger or anything left. We left with some Benadryl, a steroid, and an antibiotic as a precaution. Thank goodness!

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  1. Love little boys. I picked my son up from pre-school field trip to see my child red swollen eyes that had pus draining down his face. Not like pink eye with a little bit, I'm talking running off the sides of his nose. Neither he nor his teacher could tell me what had happened except that he might have gotten dirt in his eyes. Prompt Care doc wanted to take pics I am sure. He called it pink eye and sent us home with an eye cream that cleared it up, but jeez.