Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So seriously, this is the cutest thing ever!!!!

My friend, Crystal, has begun making Lego accessories. Not just necklaces and earrings, but bowties, hair clips, rings etc.

Lookie what I got....
Major adorable lego necklace!!

My boys have already been checking out her facebook site and are begging for something done for them in those cool Star Wars light sabers. Caleb wants something he can clip on his backpack :)

If you are looking for something really cute and totally unique, go check her out on etsy at Creations by Crystal.


  1. Love all the lego jewelery on etsy! I'll check out her shop too!

  2. Tell Caleb thanks 4 the idea .. :) .
    They sent me a conformation of my lego shipment :D ! So should be here in 7to10 business days :D