Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back at home...and progress!

Well, this has been my first week back home in an effort to help re-regulate Caleb and all his anxiety, irritability, distraction, and overall unregulated body. I have to admit, it has been hugely successful!

I don't know why, I don't know what makes the difference, but he doing amazing!

The school is implementing several new accommodations for him while in class...all minimal in attention. For example, he is to be seated close to the teacher, he now has a visual checklist to keep track of his day, he gets a transition warning and reminders to help keep him on track, he gets a little extra personal space, he is allowed to ask for a break, and his group work is structured so that he can be in the same group with the same responsibilities each time.

He has seen me a couple of times at school, and today he expressed that he was having a great day. He came home today with his 2nd 100 on a book test, he finished his homework with minimal arguing, and is nice and calm.

At home we are structuring homework and spacing it out. He has fidget items for when he gets stressed. He is allowed lots of personal space and down time to work on his lego creations or to read. We have also reinstated tenting his bed by tucking blankets into the base of his top bunk to help create a comfortable space. We took a trip to the health food store and bought some Relaxosaurus as well, and he takes that each morning. The thing that is really helping is this stuff....

It is called Dream by Pure Romance and it is a super relaxing pillow mist. He does not sleep well...he sleeps for 3 hours and is good to go for the day. He is so particular about smells...he smells everything and gags very easily. But he LOVES this stuff. We are spraying it on his pillows and blankets and he just nuzzles into it. He often requests more sprays. Now I don't know if he is sleeping all night because he is awake when I wake up, but he is not getting me or his brother that is a WIN!

AND!!!! he had a major first this evening. He made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all by himself and ate it. He doesn't even eat PBand J but I guess he does now! This may seem like the norm for kids that are even younger than 8, but this is not the norm for kids with Autism. I love it. He is starting to have a little appropriate independence and I am totally embracing and encouraging that!!!


  1. I am thrilled with all of the progress you've seen already!! Good for you for putting your family first...make sure you take care of you too :)

  2. Im glad everything is back on track. You are truely an inspirational mom!!!

  3. Amber, I have chills!!!!! I am SOOO glad the Dream is helping!!! Clarissa is going to be so happy to hear that!!!! :D YAY Calebs!!!