Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cookie cakes are yummy

This morning, I am wishing that we still had some of this left....
Josh's birthday was Friday, and that was conveniently the day that my body decided to become "an incubus of viral plague", so most of my plans went right out the window.

Instead of baking him a cake, having the house clean, and making dinner, I was in bed shivering. It was a good thing that earlier that morning I felt the twinge and called the Great American Cookie Company to make this cookie cake.

The boys helped me blow up some balloons and hang some streamers so that we could surprise dad when he arrived from work. And then I returned to bed and didn't get back out until Monday, still dragging.

I got two little pieces of this 16 inch cake of chocolate chip goodness. And boy would this make a delicious breakfast this morning. ****sigh****


  1. Mannn that looks good. I think I'm going to buy me a late bday cookie :D