Thursday, September 29, 2011

First grade online shopping...

Last night, I walked into Caleb's room as Jansen was walking out. The conversation that follows is exactly why I LOVE my little 6 year old Jansen:

Mom: What's up, Jansen?
Jansen: Um, nothing.
Mom: Were you on Caleb's computer?
Jansen: Um, yes
Mom: Really, doing what?
Jansen: I was like, doing some online shopping.
Mom: Online shopping? (Mom walks to the computer to find the Target website up instead of the usual video games) You are shopping at Target?
Jansen: Mom, I really need some new shoes. I need these sock monkey slippers.....
Mom: Those are some really cool slippers. Maybe you can ask for them for Christmas.
Jansen: I could but I was trying to shop now.

Mom walks out of the room trying to contain the laughter.


  1. LOL, well, at least your credit card wasn't saved or anything. :) Ah, yet another thing Jansen and Rachel have in common...a love for shopping! :D