Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Angry birds birthday banner

Let the official party planning begin. Since Caleb's party is at a sportsplex, we don't have to do much decorating. The only thing that we can really decorate is this long white table that we put the cake and presents on.

The plan in my mind is long table, red table covering, cake in the middle, bucket with favors on one side, a table decoration on the other end, maybe some balloons if the sportsplex allows, and a birthday banner across the front edge of the table.

So far, I have a red table covering left over from the Lego party last year, a plan in place for the cake, the favors ordered (but no bucket yet), no table decoration yet (although I can see it in my mind), and a completed birthday banner.

Here's what I made....

Caleb really wanted to focus more on the King Pig. He really likes him. I don't have a Silhouette, or card punchers, or anything fancy. But what I do have is a pair of scissors, a printer, a bunch of primary colored cardstock, glue dots, and ribbon leftover from the Lego party.

Easy enough....I cut several pennant style flags out of multi colored cardstock. I googled the Angry Birds font and downloaded it off the web, and printed out "Happy 9th Birthday" in the font. Then I traced out a circle around each letter and used a glue dot to attach it to the flags. Using the basic Word document, I made a starburst pattern and printed two of those, as well as two King Pigs, onto white cardstock, layered them with the glue dots, and glue dotted them to the flags as well. Two hole punches on each flag, and a little blue ribbon, and this is done.

Caleb saw me working on it and literally started jumping up and down. It's cute enough for him and was basically free since all the materials were leftovers!

Now I can't wait to get the little favors in the mail. They are so, so, so cute!!!


  1. what did u use as favors? my little man wants an angry birds party but just not sure abt what to use as favors?

    1. Hi! I saw your question about party favors. Angry Birds have a lot of items that have been coming out since my guy had his party. Target has cute erasers and stuff on the end caps of the toy aisle. They also came out gummies right after our party....although we did find large boxes of them the morning of the party. I would try doing a google search, because there are lots of things out there right now.

      Also, if you want to see what I did, I have a lot of Angry Bird posts on my blog from October.

      Good luck!


  2. Very cute banner! My little guy had an Angry Birds Party in October, and it was a big hit! Have fun!


  3. Really cute...and for those of us that aren't that crafty, here another cute Angry Birds Personalized Birthday Banner:

  4. Very cute banner. Trying to make an angry birds one myself. What size lettering did u use. I am having trouble trying to figure out the size of everything for the banner. I made my daughters and it was almost way too big. Thanks again for the cute ideas:)