Monday, January 16, 2012

Houston Texans in the Playoffs

What a season! What a team! What fun we had as a family tailgating and going to all the games this season!!!

Well, the season came to a bittersweet end yesterday against the Baltimore Ravens, and now having a day to cool off, I see the amazingly great side of things. We weren't beaten by the Ravens, we were beaten by ourselves. This year we played 2 playoff games... that's 2 more than ever in franchise history. We took away the AFC South Division Championship, although I was praying to win the whole AFC Division. We played with a good majority of our star players injured, we were using our 3rd string quarterback, and we still almost made it. What a great season to watch football! What a painful rollercoaster at the end! What a great season next season will be!

Maybe next year Texans. Changes need to be made, but I love you all the same!

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