Sunday, January 8, 2012

Party planning....

Now that Christmas is over, the New Year has passed, and 8 days in most people have already abandoned their resolutions, it is time to think about all those fun events that come up in Spring.

Valentine's Day, Easter, Caleb's birthday, and Jansen's birthday, just to name a few.

My pinterest has been blowing up with cute Valentine ideas for both boys' classrooms, Easter basket ideas, and decorations and cake ideas for birthdays. I think I have a plan for Valentine treats and snacks...some pretty good ideas for basket fillers, and a plethora (yes, I said in pinatas!) of great ideas for the boys' birthdays.

This year Caleb wants an Angry Birds party...and honestly, what boy around this age doesn't like Angry Birds? He chose to have the party at All Star Pizza and Sportsplex....which includes a ton of indoor bouncies. Ok, That's easy enough. Then I am only responsible for the party favors and making the cake. Done.

I have an idea for a banner to make for the one and only table they provide you to hold your cake and presents. Pictures to come...

He chose party favors from a lady on etsy...and when they come in, I will share her information and pictures with the blogosphere. But we will make a red bird bucket filled with M&M's, holding these cute party favors to sit on the table next to the cake. And speaking of cake...

He chose an inspiration cake...

But here are his demands, errr requests. He doesn't want it smooth like fondant. He loves the bumpy texture of the piped buttercream. I am preparing for the hand cramps now. He also wants the top to be the red bird, but he wants it to include the bird's beak. Ok, I can do that. Then he wants the bottom tier to be the green king pig "And make sure he has the crown, Mom..." Ok, I can do that too. But here is where we differ. He wants to have all the other characters put all over the cake. No sir, my friend. I think we will draw the line there.
And Jansen, although he loves Angry Birds as well, wants to have his party at the local bowling alley like Caleb did last year. What is his theme??? Bowling. For real??? No characters, no angry birds, transformers, Super Mario characters, or Sonic the Hedgehog??? Nope. Just regular bowling. Ok, I can do that too.

Here are the two things he is debating on: cake or cupcakes. Last year I made cupcakes for all his friends and made him a little 6 inch cake of his own. And I could do that last year...unless he comes up with a decision. He likes both of these:

His request is "Red, white, and blue, know, like the Texans colors." Ok, child after my own heart. Cupcakes in red, white, and blue, or the cake with a red bowling ball, blue cake, and white bowling pins.

Party favors will include bowling ball cake pops with cardstock bowling pins attached with coordinating ribbon., similar to these, only in his colors...Set-up is still swirling around in my head. I can't see it yet, but I will as we get closer to the date.
I am going to be so sad when the kids no longer want to have birthday parties like this anymore. We don't go all out with the decorations like some of the amazing party bloggers out there, but I enjoy doing it. Super fun!

To give credit for all the inspiration photos....see my pinterest boards for Caleb and Jansen....if you click on the pictures it will take you directly to their pages. :)

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