Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bowling party planning....

May is fast approaching and with the end of school right around the corner, the party planning on both the home and school front just slapped me in the face this morning. What a wake up call!

Because I will be planning Teacher Appreciation for the school (plus gifts for my boys' 4 teachers), another school party, Field Day, will be helping with Kindergarten Splash Day and the Reading Team party, End of Year Teacher Luncheon, End of Year Prize delivery, and 2 classroom parties, I need to get all the elements of Jansen's party that can be done in advance, finished this month!

Jansen's 7th birthday is May 31, and this year, school ends before then. I feel bad for him because he really wants to take cupcakes to his classmates, so we are just going to celebrate a little early this year! We will be taking bowling cupcakes to school on May 18th...right before the last week of school, and that makes him super happy.

Since he is my chef, he has definite opinions on what he wants and will be helping me with every aspect of the cupcakes. In addition, we will be having his party at the bowling alley on the 19th...and of course, 1 big cake won't do for him. He wants a small cake just for him and a bunch of cupcakes for his friends. We did a version of this last year with his lego party at home......but since we will be at the bowling alley, there isn't much room for decorations sprawled everywhere. Here is a picture of last year's set up...

My plan is to make a cake/cupcake tower that I can have his little cake on top and his cupcakes on the other tiers for his party.

He also wants bowling ball cake pops, bowling lollipops (similar to the ones Caleb had at his party, and thank goodness we have a ton of lollipops left from his), everything in red, white, and blue.

So the plan is in place. The ideas are flowing. My house is going to be FULL of baked goods, bowling pins, and bowling balls. More parties!!!!!!!!

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