Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Goldfish carrots

As I was making up the boys' baskets tonight, slightly saddened that I will be missing this Easter with them, I remembered that I wanted to add some snacks to the baskets other than candy.

So I made these...
It literally took less than 4 minutes for both and turned out really cute.

All you need to make these are
  • piping bags (I always have tons of these)
  • some kind of orange filler (Goldfish, Cheeto's, Jellybeans, orange candies)
  • green ribbon
I would have loved to make some with jellybeans, but since my boys are obsessed with Goldfish, I already had two bags sitting in my pantry waiting to be used. You could use any kind of ribbon, any shade of green, but since I bought a spool of curling ribbon a year ago, I am using this lime green curling ribbon for EVERYTHING!

There you have it. A fun, quick snack too add a little Spring spirit to Easter!

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