Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cruising out of here

Well everyone, this time tomorrow, the hubs and I will be cruising out of here. Tomorrow afternoon we will be boarding the beautiful Carnival Triumph to set sail on a 4 day cruise to the gorgeous island of Cozumel with some of our friends.

We are so very excited. There was a little bit of controversy this weekend when the Triumph came into port. The US Marshalls were waiting for its arrival in order to hold it (I say for ransom) due to a civil members of one of the travelers aboard the Costa Concordia who passed away, decided to sue ( why not? In America, we sue everyone...note my extreme sarcasm) and the two companies that owned the CC also owned the Triumph. It was being held at port on $10 million bond.

At first Josh and I were panicking. We hoped that if they were going to cancel the cruise, they would let us know quickly so that we could make reservations somewhere else. We were going on vacation regardless. But they more we thought about it, if the boat stayed in port, we would still be happy. Basically we would board, unpack our things in our "hotel" room and begin eating and participating in all the on-board activities. We would be upset we wouldn't make it to Mexico for all our fun excursions, but the main things was to get away. And as long as we had food, shelter, and entertainment...we were good.

Luckily, they reached an agreement, and this weekend's cruisers set sail only 45 minutes late. The hubs and I intently watched the live port camera just to make sure.

We are packed and ready. We have our children packed for a weekend with their grandparents. We have our dog reservations at a local dog hotel. We have our passport cards. I am ready for a little fun in the sun, and rest and relaxation. I am looking so forward to sleeping in!

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