Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April is for Autism Awesomeness

Well, maybe not necessarily "awesomeness" as a disorder but I think my son is pretty awesome. 

April is Autism Awareness Month! I wish we didn't have to celebrate it, but I don't really think that there are many people out there with party hats and noisemakers proclaiming an Autism party. But if it brings more attention to the study, the treatments, the supports, and the understanding of Autism, it would be awesome. 

None of the kids would be there without ear muffs since they have so many sensory issues, but the parents would champion for them. 

I love my son fiercely and whole heartedly. I am doing my absolute best to not allow him to retreat into a non-social, non-functional world of his own. I have been struggling, motivating, and working with him since he was 2 and he has made some amazing progress. 

It is a constant balance...to nurture who he is as a person and give him the support he craves but to also empower him and foster as much independence and "normalcy" as possible. The world doesn't have to roll out the red carpet for him...although I think it should :). 

So let's hear it for the people with Autism! Let's hear it for the quirky kids and adults who are not marching to the beat of a different drum, but who ARE their own drummers!

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