Saturday, April 20, 2013

Look out May

The craziest time of the year is coming up!

So let's visit my calendar:

I have one more test and a final on May 6th and then my college semester is over. Then I can focus on the hundreds of activities at my kids' school as my final weeks as the PTO President comes to an end. 

In May, we have Teacher Appreciation Week: we are giving the teachers an extra 30 minutes of lunch that week and are still trying to get all the volunteer slots filled. We are also going to be providing a candy and sundae bar for them on Friday, May 10th...which is the same day as the Fun Run. That is the same week of the Mother's Day Shop. The following week is the final PTO meeting of the year...of which I have some surprises up my sleeve. That week we also have to decorate the stage for the 4th grade Jungle music program (my kiddo is Safari Guide #8). We have the Reading Team party where all the kids that made the Reading Team get to spend 30 minutes on water slides and obstacle courses. We have the 4th grade "end of elementary school" party, a field trip to George Ranch, a slip and slide event, End of Year prize assembly (where the PTO purchases about 200 prizes for the kids who have earned enough tickets), a PAWS beach party for the Positive Behavior Initiative, Field Day, End of School parties, the End of Year Teacher Luncheon....and I KNOW I am forgetting a few other things. 

Today, while I procrastinate and do not study, or clean house, or even take a shower, I have been planning the end of year Teacher Luncheon. Last year we had a Hawaiian theme, but this year I wanted to do a "School" theme with primary colors and school supplies. 

Of course this is all in my head at the moment, but I have at least created the invitations. We post an invitation in the teacher lounge and also send invites to all the retirees. Now I just have to decide what type of food we will serve, what type of dessert, and work on the decorations. I am thinking of lining each cafeteria table with bright green table cloths, yellow runners, and having crayons sprinkled all over the runners. Then I want to print out various teacher quotes, and put them in inexpensive plastic frames, and have them arranged on the tables. And finally, I am thinking of blowing up a bunch of primary colored balloons and anchoring them to the tables and to the doors. We always have a raffle as well, so when the teachers enter the room, we hand them a raffle ticket, and we draw for prizes while we eat. We are thinking 5-10 $10 gift cards to Walmart, so they can get whatever they want. 

I am heading to the dollar store this evening to start looking for supplies. It is swirling in my head....hopefully it will turn out like I am imagining. :)

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