Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yellow and grey cupcakes

I work the nursery at my mother's church. It is a small Baptist church made up of mostly older adults. They have a small group of younger children for Sunday School, which is ideal for my kiddos. The preacher's oldest daughter is getting married next month and some of the ladies are hosting a wedding shower for her this afternoon. Her wedding colors are yellow and grey! While I am unable to attend, my mom asked me to make a few extra cupcakes for the shower. Evidently they ordered a cake but anticipate more people than the cake can feed. 

But of course, I got very sick this week. When I have a major exam and quiz this coming up week. My mom decided to make the cupcakes. She brought them over, along with some dark grey decorations, and asked if I could make some buttercream and decorate them. Thank goodness, by Saturday, I was feeling much better and was able to make them. 

I wish that I was able to help decorate for the shower, because I had a TON of really cute ideas we could have done. But it is probably good that I didn't, as I got sick anyway and lost 2 days worth of studying. 

I must get off the computer now and force myself to study. There is so much information in these 5 chapters...and I am so far behind. Less than a month left of school for the semester!!!!

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