Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New puppy gift

Unfortunately, while we were on our cruise over Spring Break, my parents' dog passed away. 

Rudee was supposed to be a miniature schnauzer, but I think he was on the larger side of that spectrum. They got him when I went off to college, surely to fill the void of having an empty nest when an only child goes away to college *wink, wink*. 

He was a wonderful 13 year old companion with a sparky personality. As a puppy he chewed up both my wedding headpiece and veil as well as my unity candle right before my wedding. He would come in my room when I was home for weekends or over holidays and poop in the doorway. "That will show her!" I am sure he thought!

Here he was as a pup....

And here he was last Christmas...

I wish I had the chance to love on him before he passed.

Now my parents have decided to buy another dog. They are bringing him home today and are naming him Lexxus. Everyone knows you can't come to meet a new family member empty handed!

So I came up with this "Welcome Home" gift. 

Hobby Lobby, you are my friend. Their glass containers were half off, and the letters are rub-ons. I would have loved to cover this container in cute rhinestone paw prints, but he is a boy, so I had to tame it down some. 

I filled it with some cute tiny milk bones...and kept a few for my cutie poodle, Tatum. Voila! 

Welcome to the family new schnauzer puppy Lexxus!!!

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