Tuesday, April 2, 2013

College progress

Let me just say....there is only 1 month and 4 days left of my Spring semester of college. Oh happy day!
my lab note cards just for the quiz. This stuff isn't even going to be on the lecture exam....

Now it isn't all bad. The best part of college is that I am totally interested in the subject matter. The material is very difficult but it is really interesting.I also have something that is just for me. In the time since I have had our children, I haven't had something that was just for me, so that is awesome! 

But get this...1 month and 4 days left and we still have 3 tests and 8 quizzes. We have been in school for 3 months and have only had 2 tests. Dang! It sure would have been nice to have things spread out a bit throughout the 12 weeks. 

Oh well.....let the studying commence. If I can get another A on this test, then I can take a breath. I will be one step closer to getting that A and moving on. 

In 2 weeks I can register for Summer and Fall semesters and be ready to apply for nursing school. And by the way, I am getting ready to sell a kidney because next summer (if I get accepted....I mean, I am putting it out there that I am going to get in) I have to fork over $10K for this thing. 

Fundraising anyone?! Anyone?! crickets......

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