Friday, August 23, 2013

Closet Organization Friday

My kids spent the night last night at my husband's parents' house so that they could so swimming and play with their cousin today. 

This gave me the chance today to work on laundry and get more organizing done. My hope was to get all the closets done today, but I only got through mine. 

This is why...

So much stuff...

Well, at least it's something. I threw away so much junk!!!!!! My entire bathroom was a total wreck, full of broken hangers, miscellaneous paperwork, pairless shoes, old books, jewelry, suitcases, wrapping paper, knick knacks, clothes both too big and too small. 

What a great feeling! I ran out of Command hooks so I have to go grab a few more packages tomorrow to finish organizing my jewelry, but everything else is neatly hanging and organized. 

I need more shoe storage, for sure. 

My husband needs his own closet so I can move my stuff into his small section. 

Want to take bets on how long it will last? I think maybe a month. 

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