Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kids' pottery artwork and a Goodwill Haul....

The last few weeks I have been killing it in college, spending almost all of my spare time studying. I didn't realize how much I would miss just spending time with my kiddos, just doing the day to day basics. I stopped using Facebook for the most part because it is a distraction from spending time studying, and because I was getting jealous watching everyone having fun, sleeping late, playing at the beach, and taking trips. 

Saying "no" to so many activities was getting me down, so yesterday, after finishing test number 3 of 6, I picked up my kiddos and we went to Missouri City. We just wanted to spend time together. We grabbed some lunch and then went to The Glazery, a pottery shop in Missouri City, to pick up the kids' painted masterpieces. 

They turned out amazing. The boys were so proud of their painting. We hung out there for a while just looking at some options for our next art day. 

Then, I just HAD to go into the Goodwill shop there. They have two MEGA stores within about 5 miles of each other and I am HUGE thrift shop junkie. I drug those boys to both of them and they were less than excited. At their age, I was begging to go thrift shopping, and my kids were just not about it. 

But I scored some great deals. 

So here is the low down...

I got Jansen a pair of The Children's Place khaki shorts and a Nike athletic shirt. He also found a football Game Cube game that he wanted (not pictured because he is currently playing it). It turned his frown upside down, thank goodness...little brat.

I got Caleb a new Reebok Texans jersey, 2 Old Navy short sleeved shirts, and 1 black and green long sleeved shirt with a hoodie. Caleb was most excited about the pockets built into the front of the shirt. It's the little things, really. He also found a pair of sunglasses he we got those too. 

All for a grand total of about $30. Boy, I wish I could have stayed in there and dug around forever. I wanted to look for some things for the house, some things for me and the hubs...maybe some small kitchen appliances, but I will save that for a day without the kiddos. 

After I finished my test that morning, I didn't even glance at any of my paperwork for college. Sunday I will spend all day studying for my 10th of 12 lab tests on Monday. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's either that, or the headlight on a freight train barreling toward me ready to mow me over. 

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