Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Intermediate School Orientation

Tonight was orientation and meet the teacher for my oldest child, who is following in the footsteps of his mother and father at Clute Intermediate. 

He went into it very scared, but left feeling quite excited. 

We have done everything possible to prepare him for the transitions that come with moving to a new school with new responsibilities. And with all the chaos of children, families, lockers, schedules etc...I was feeling very scattered and worried and my sweet Autistic child was pretty confident. He didn't cover his ears and cry as usual. He made pretty good eye contact with each teacher. He introduced himself with a handshake and a formal, "My name is Caleb Powell." I am so proud! And when we left he said, and I quote...."When are you going to let me make my own decisions?" 

To which I almost cried and said..."Right now! What do you want to do?" He said, "eat pizza". Well, it wasn't exactly what I thought he was talking about, but it was his own decision. 

Here he is with one of his best friends, Macy, and they were upset to find out they had no classes together this year. So sad. 

And he was excited to learn how to open a locker. It only took him two tries, and he was able to open it! He practiced a bit more and we left when he felt comfortable. 

So while I was feeling overwhelmed, he surprised me with his relaxed and excited demeanor. After all, it isn't how I feel about it, it only matters how he feels!

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