Sunday, March 22, 2015

A 12 year old's trip to Dave and Buster's

Instead of having a party for Caleb this year, we decided to keep it small and take him, his brother, and his cousin, Nate to Dave and Buster's for lunch and some games.

We had a great time!

This was really the best thing for Caleb because honestly, he doesn't have many friends, and he gets really amped up at birthday parties. Dave and Buster's was packed so it was totally ok for him to run around and make crazy noises like he does when he gets really overwhelmed.

The food there was ok...the service, well, it was pretty poor. They were short handed and it took us 2 hours to eat. If we hadn't already promised this for Caleb's birthday, then we would have left about 45 minutes into it.

The highlight was eating the Nintendo cupcakes....a big hit with the kids.

But the kids had a great time. All three of the boys hit a jackpot on different games and we ended up with almost 16,000 tickets split three ways.

Nate got a remote control Batman and a Domo Batman character. Jansen chose a set of Nerf walkie talkies and a Minecraft character. And in true Caleb fashion, he chose to spend all his tickets on Pokémon cards.'s his birthday, he can buy what he wants :)

We grabbed some Whataburger on the way home, the kids played in the rain, and we all just enjoyed some time together. It was low key, low prep, and Caleb had fun.

I can't believe that my baby...this cute little baby almost 12!!!!

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