Friday, March 27, 2015

Vintage Nintendo party decor for my preteen!

The child is officially 12!

Every year I always say. "I can't believe it!" But I really can't believe it!!

He spent the night before at my parents house because I had to be at clinical at the hospital so early in the morning. So the night before I baked him a quick chocolate cake and did a little bit of decorating. I hoped he would be surprised when he came home from school.

He definitely was. I made it home just before him and he was so excited to see some game-themed decorations for his birthday.

I can't believe I was able to stay awake until after 10pm to get it all done. Waking up at 4:30 am for clinical is for the birds!

That night he chose to eat at River Point so he could have fried pickles. He even ate a crawfish!!!

Then we came back to enjoy some cake and ice cream. He was really happy to open his new red headphones since he has been complaining since Christmas that his earbuds have been hurting him.

I hope his day was special! I love this 12 year old stinker!!!!

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