Monday, March 30, 2015

Life-sized Creeper

Jansen's 10th birthday is coming up in May and we will be having a Minecraft themed sleepover. We will be decorating the whole house with Creepers, dynamite, Steve's, pick axes and anything else Minecraft related.

I wanted to create a life sized Creeper to stand on our front porch holding some balloons, so my parents brought over some boxes and I wrapped them with dollar store green wrapping paper.

I cut out the creeper face using construction paper and taped it to the top box.

When I went to throw away the empty wrapping paper tube, I realized that it was the perfect size to cut into thirds and create some TNT.

I wrapped each piece in leftover crepe paper from Caleb's birthday last week. I found some electrical tape in the garage, wrapped the tubes together, and printed out TNT on some paper to tape on that as well.

On the day of the party, the creeper will stand on the porch with balloons attached to the TNT. That's one less thing I have to do later and Jansen LOVES it!

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