Friday, March 20, 2015

Vintage Nintendo Cupcakes

I'm taking a break from being neck deep in patient education plans, care plans, research papers, med discussion preparation, and respiratory studying to bring you a little family joy.

My big boy will be 12 next week on Thursday. This year, instead of having a party, we decided to take him, his brother, and his cousin to Dave and Buster's for the day to eat, play, and celebrate. His cousin is then going to spend the night with us.

I'm super, super, super exhausted from nursing school, clinicals, and all of the above work, so I bought his cupcakes this year. I really fought about it in my head and then just realized....I physically cannot put a ton of energy into it this year. I'm trying.

So we are taking these cupcakes with us to Dave and Buster's tomorrow to celebrate.

They are super cute!

Then, on his actual birthday next week, he will be staying at my parents' house. He stays there two nights a week because I have to be at the hospital so early in the morning. YUCKAROO!!! I love to decorate and have the boys wake up to something special in the mornings, but they will be at Nana and Pops' house. So I am going to decorate the kitchen a bit the night before and he can come home to a birthday dinner after school instead of a birthday breakfast.

Vintage Nintendo rules!!!!! Gamers fo life!

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