Friday, November 19, 2010

Surgical progress day 9

Surgery post day 9. Well, this has definitely been much more difficult than I anticipated. So far, the doctor has taken out some of the stitches and one of the drains. What a difference the drain removal makes!!! Hopefully on Monday, the other one will come out and I will make some more progress.

At this time, I can't really think about anything else other than staying in bed and trying to sleep. I cannot wait to get back to the school, get my house cleaned, start on some Christmas crafts and decorating, and getting out of the house!

My surgery looks successful for being only a little over 1 week post op. My stomach is flat, minus the swelling around the scar, the breast augmentation turned out great, but my hips and thighs look so big. The nurse assures me this is swelling from the surgery and in a couple of months it will be gone, but seeing the flatness of my tummy vs the curviness of my lower half really motivates me to get back on my healthy eating habits and back to the track. The doctor assured me that exercise can reshape my lower half, whereas there was nothing that could have been done for my torso short of addressing it surgically.

Thanksgiving is next week, a holiday I traditionally cruise right over. The part I look forward to most is...the Day After Thanksgiving. While other crazy people are camped out in front of Best Buy for Black Friday, I am always comfortably at home decorating my house. That is our tradition. And do you know why? Because I am already finished with the bulk of my Christmas shopping. I buy a little all year long so that I don't have to charge something I cannot afford.

The boys are getting excited for the holidays and I think even the hubs is this year. Since I have been stuck in bed for over a week, I have been watching TV a lot....Christmas commercials galore!!!! It's rubbing off on my family and getting them in the spirit.

Woohoo. Give me another week and I will be good to go! And I HAVE to be better for the Texans game on the 28th!!!!

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