Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I type this from the comfort of my couch, yet still feel that I am swaying to the Cozumel breeze or maybe the Carnival Ecstacy. It was indeed a rocky cruise to Mexico. The winds were incredibly strong and I hope this funky feeling only lasts through today.

We had a good time, saw things we had never seen before, and both agreed that we will not be back on a cruise for a while. The only other cruise we had been wanting to take is the Disney Cruise. We have been waiting for the newest ship to premier sometime in 2011 and for the children to be just a wee bit older to enjoy everything that the Disney Cruise can offer. Shooting for sometime in 2012....if the world doesn't end by then....

Does anyone really believe that craziness??? Not me.

AND I won 2nd place in the cruise TV Trivia game. HOLLA!!!!! I am full of useless info! :)

Anyway, without further ado....the obligatory pictures of our trip to Cozumel.....
Cindy, my mother in law, and I on the Lido deck

Josh and his dad

Hitting the bar when we got on the ship
In Galveston
Getting our BINGO on
Going out the first night
Dessert....molten chocolate cake
sunset on the balcony
beautiful sunset in the Gulf of Mexico
Our ship...the Carnival Ecstacy
Captain's Dinner night
My in laws for the Captain's dinner
my shoes...I love them
drink of the day...some tropical coconut thing

My father in law's birthday
a frozen chocolate drink that was my favorite!!!
Cruising some more...
the beaches of Cozumel
How gorgeous is this?! I cannot believe there are places on earth this beautiful!
my toes in the white sand
swinging in my hammock after walking up 132 steps to the top of a lighthouse...and then back down
more hammock action
the view from said Lighthouse
said lighthouse, the first modern lighthouse on the island
Mayan ruins
riding the dune buggy around the island

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  1. awww! Looks like you guys had fun!!! Oh and girly those shoes ARE AMAZING HOT!