Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh swimsuit season....

Yep, Spring Break is here and that means the dreaded "Swimsuit Season" is upon us.

Nothing compares to shopping for a swimsuit if you are larger than a size 6. It sends shivers down my spine. Maybe it is because of that beautiful image of yourself....2 shades of pale, with a suit 2 sizes too small, staring back at you from a dressing room mirror in a poorly lit department store. Nothing says Sexy Summer Suit like staring at yourself with your holiday socks on your feet and your underwear tucked into a bright swimsuit.

That is what gets me every year. It is so hard to imagine how this suit is going to work on you with granny panties bunched into it and Valentine socks.

Online shopping it is. This time I only had to order two suits to find the one that will work for me.

Here is the first one I tried...

So beautiful. It fit perfectly, except for the side without the strap. This suit had no support and it literally looked like one boob was 5 inches lower than the other one. I reluctantly sent it back.

Then I ordered this one...

It is perfect! It fits like a glove, was in my price range, and has a really cute vintage nautical vibe to it. Exactly what I was looking for.

Phew. No bunchy underwear for me this year. Straight up comfort from the privacy of my own home. Operation Swimsuit complete. :)

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